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Accurate and current information about all aspects of the cannabis industry lead to better decision making. Below are some of the most informative videos from leading experts in the field.

Elisabeth Mack Interview

Elisabeth is an RN who has blended in 30 years of healthcare insights into the new field of cannabis medicine since the spring of 2015. She found cannabis after a bicycle accident, and slowly discovered freedom from her pharmaceuticals to manage fibromyalgia. She found there is no one guiding a medical patient through this process, and established Holistic Caring in 2016 as a concierge practice.
Visit her site at www.holisticcaring.com.

John Abernathy on Section 471

Dr. John Abernathy, CPA, is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at the University of North Texas as well as the CCO for Canna1Resource. John has over ten years’ experience in accounting, auditing, internal auditing and financial reporting. He has worked for Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Dixon-Hughes, the Entrepreneurial Center, and controller for an architectural/engineering firm. John is passionate about educating start-ups and small businesses on issues in corporate governance, financial reporting, and investor relations.

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